Što je MetaNet.HR?

If you use MetaNet.HR for your work, please name the following reference:

Despot, K; Tonković, M; Brdar, M; Essert, M; Perak, B; Ostroški Anić, A; Nahod, B; Pandžić, I. (2019) MetaNet.HR: Croatian Metaphor Repository. In: Bolognesi, M., Brdar, M., Despot, K. (Eds.). Metaphor and Metonymy in the Digital Age. Theory and Methods for Building Repositories of Figurative Language, pp. 123-146. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company.

MetaNet.HR is a database of conceptual and linguistic metaphors and metonymies, cognitive primitives, image schemas and semantic frames of the Croatian language, with the corresponding lexical items.

The database is publically available at the following link: Metaphor database