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Multilevel approach to spoken discourse in language development

Voditelj: doc. dr. sc. Gordana Hržica, Edukacijsko-rehabilitacijski fakultet

O projektu

Goal: In the field of psycholinguistics and applied linguistics, discourse analyses have been considered a valuable tool for assessing language knowledge (Schneider et al., 2006; Botting, 2002). The elicitation of discourse samples is an ecologically valid assessment tool since it reflects conversation in everyday natural environment and provides a clear insight into language knowledge. This is especially important for assessing language abilities of bilingual speakers and speakers with language impairment. Most of the theories, approaches and discourse analyses measures are based on English language so there is a need for their validation in typologically different languages.

It is expected that the project will:
a. provide a reliable insight into the cognitive and linguistic aspects that underlie the formation of a discourse,
b. contribute to the theoretical approaches to discourse by providing perspective of topologically different language,
c. develop or update language resources in open access needed for diverse linguistic research,
d. provide knowledge relevant for language education and language assessment.

Suradnici na projektu

Rodila se 1979. u Splitu. Osnovnu je školu završila u Lovreću, gimnaziju u Imotskom. Diplomirala je hrvatski jezik i književnost i francuski jezik i književnost te završila slobodni trogodišnji studij rumunjskoga...

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